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Psalms to Remember

Psalms to Remember

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I shared with a friend recently that there are many scriptures imprinted in my mind and my heart forever, and all are mostly tied to the life lessons I have learned through the years.  Lately though, I am feeling a pull to take more ownership of His Word in a way like I have never before–not by just being able to find it in the Bible on my iphone or computer, but by in-scripting it in my heart and my mind, so I may easily recall His empowering Words at any time, anywhere.  I won’t lie, I don’t see this as an easy task.  As I am pushing forty this year, I am amazed when I reminisce about my high school and college theater days.  I have no idea how I memorized all my lines all those years!

Instant access to the Bible through computers, ipads, Droids and iphones, and the millions of apps that go with them have, no doubt, been a huge blessing by allowing God’s love to be shared with so many.  However, it also creates the illusion that there’s no need to write His Word on our hearts because we can always easily find it at the press of the button.

I don’t want to fall for that illusion.  I want to “go back to the basics” and feel the thin pages between my fingers and the comfortable weight of it sitting in my lap.  I want to hold my pen and underline those scriptures that speak to me.  I want to jot notes in the margins! (My teacher friends would say I am probably a visual and kinesthetic learner!  They would be correct.)

More than anything, though, I want the indelible power of His Word stored in my mind and my heart.

As I walked the beach today, I was taken aback (again!) by the immense expanse of the ocean. I am always blown away when I try to fathom the idea that water rushing up on our shore has traveled around the world through different currents and surged to depths beyond the continental shelf into the deep abyss.  This was a great visual for me to see how much wider and deeper God wants me to go when learning His Word.

If you want to go with me on the is journey, you will notice a new page on the Cross Moms blog titled Psalms to Remember.  For the sake of the blog and my readers, I will add another Psalm every week or two (depending on how long it is).  I am not setting some arbitrary time limit, though.  Instead, I will open my Bible, read the Psalm, and meditate on it throughout my days.  I will reread it in the quiet of my mornings.  I will search for it in my daily encounters, and I will write in on my heart.

Won’t you join me?


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Monday's Mom!

A huge thank you to Amy T. from Crozet, Virginia for being our featured guest author on Monday’s Mom! She’s a mom of three–two boys and a girl ranging in age from 10 years to 5 years old. She’s been married for almost 16 years and is an attorney who practiced all kinds of law, until she “retired” 10 days before the birth of their first child. I was completely taken aback by her stunning fresh voice as I read her posts at  Please be sure to check it out! But first enjoy a sample of her writing below. Praying all are encouraged and inspired! To God be all the glory!

I was living in the middle of a bucket brigade.  My arms continually weighed down with a heavy load; always in the middle, never at either the beginning or the end where empty was an option.  And, the sad part was, I didn’t even know it.  Until the day my son, a bucket, and a shovel hit me with a truth I later realized God had been trying for years to show me.

It was a beautiful Saturday in Spring.  The kind of day which begs you to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying all that Spring has to offer.  We were doing our part, having been invited to enjoy an al fresco brunch at a friend’s house.  She and her husband and children live in a comfortable house with a large enough backyard to accommodate a trampoline, a sizable garden, a zip-line and a wooded area with a creek.  My children were in heaven, to say the least.

My second child, my E-baby, was a little younger than the other boys who were there and not quite big enough to keep up with them the way he wanted.  So my friend, being particularly sensitive and astute to these things, provided E-baby with an alternative that involved a shovel and a corner of her garden where he could dig to his heart’s content.  Typical of E-baby, he wanted to know what he was supposed to dig.  My friend said, “Dig me a hole, E. Just dig me a hole.”  Happily he went to work, sure that he was involved in something momentous.

It wasn’t long before we looked up from our conversation on the back deck to see E-baby struggling to lug a big bucket across the yard.  My friend called out over the deck rail, “Hey E, whatchya got in the bucket?”  E-baby looked up, surprised, and said, simply, “A hole.”  He was bringing my friend the hole she requested he dig.  And he was very proud of how big it was.  Of course we were all in stitches, watching this little boy dragging a large bucket full of dirt, a “hole,” through the back yard.  Even though he couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about.

And then it hit me.  Just as hard as if he’d taken that shovel to the side of my head instead of using it to fill his bucket.  How like him I was, lugging my “holes” with me.  I think I’ve left my latest and greatest pitfall in life behind me, but all I’m doing is physically moving further away from the hole, lugging all the dirt that made up that event – the regret, anger, disappointment, and failure – in a big bucket with me.  Caught in the middle of that bucket brigade.  And, I have to tell you, it’s hard to get very far lugging a big bucket of dirt with you.

But how do you get rid of that bucket, get out of that brigade?  I think it takes constant and intentional recognition of the incredible blessing of the Cross. Where Jesus Christ poured out His love and His blood as the ultimate sacrifice, the once-and-for-all atonement, the propitiation for all our sins.  And then, when I focus on Christ and the forgiveness and grace His love gives us, I’ll find myself at the end of that brigade line, emptying out that bucket once and for all. At the foot of the Cross.  After all, He died and rose again to ensure us a life which could be lived in repentance, not weighed down by buckets full of sin.

What about you? Is your bucket getting heavy yet?

There’s always room at the foot of the Cross . . .

Finally bucket-free,


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Welcome to the first of many entries that will appear in our new Frying Pan Moments!  category. :)  You see, my dear friend and fellow Cross Mom, Heather, coined this phrase many years ago during a Bible study we shared together.  She always refers to those wonderful Ah! Ha! moments when God reveals something to her as “frying pan moments.”  WHY?  Because she (self-admittedly), like me, can be pretty stubborn sometimes, and it may take a few rounds before we are able to get what our patient Father is telling us.  But when we do–Oh boy, do we get it!  Anyone else like that?

Frying Pan Moment #1

Okay–This has been such a cool couple of weeks.  The Facebook page for Cross Moms is up and running, and we’re one shy of 50 likes.  It’s now officially on Twitter, and I just received the “invite” from Pinterest (still not sure how that one works…)  Other moms are starting to write!  New categories will be coming soon, AND I have this cool, official stat counter to help me get a picture of what kind of traffic is coming to the site.  All of these are really, really neat for a new blogger like me!

However!  All of this excitement has awakened an IMPATIENT monster in me!  How do I know that its rearing its ugly head?  Well–you know that little stat counter thingy I mentioned–I find myself checking it every few minutes!  I find myself on Facebook much more often than before.  I also go to the Cross Moms site for no other reason than to look at it!  I guess that’s all part of starting something new.

Over the past few days, though, the words “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God” have popped into my head more than once, and it wasn’t until yesterday that I had the official Frying Pan Moment!  He was telling me to slow down.  Quit trying to race ahead.  A ministry is a marathon, and He knows exactly who He will bring to this site, when He will bring them, and for what reasons.  I just need to stay the course and seek Him, first and foremost.

Therefore, as I move forward, my new motto is “Serve the Lord, Not My Stat Counter!” :)

I would love to hear some of your Frying Pan Moments!

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