How Does Christ See Us


OK, Lord.  I get it.  I’m not supposed to be able to fix/change all the ills of this broken world.

Instead, I am to Look Heavenly.
I’m trying to look Heavenly; toward you.

Soaking up your Word;
Being reassured.
Being still.
Being filled.
Opening my heart;
Being freed from the shackles of fear.

And it is here in this space,
where I feel your unconditional love for me so purely.
It strengthens me,
renews my soul,
revives my hope,
because you love me wholly.

And it is here in this space,
where I know for certain that
no matter what is spinning out of control in this world,
your love is constant.
No matter my flaws, failings, quirks,
your love remains.
You. Love. Me. Wholly.

It is here in this space,
where your desire for me to ALSO love wholly
takes hold of my heart.
To see each person I come in contact with as one of your children.
To not judge their flaws, failings, or quirks.
To reflect the light of the love that you show me minute to minute.

It is here in this space,
where I am no longer paralyzed by the world.
Instead, I am emboldened to love as you do.  Wholly. Completely. Unconditionally.


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Which Will We Be?

Which Will We Be?

Posted By on Sep 29, 2015 | 3 comments

Which Will We Be?

Quick to listen
or hasty to speak?

Slow to anger
or pounce for defeat?

Build up with words
or tear down, ridicule?

Show compassion and mercy
or pride make us fools?

Be the only Christ one may ever see,
or cast shadows of doubt to those in need?

Our Savior calls us to follow, draw near,
seize every chance to make it clear…that

We are forgiven because His life He gave.
He is love, He is mercy, He is eternal grace.

Which will we be?




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If You’re A Christian…

If You’re A Christian…

Posted By on Sep 25, 2015 | 2 comments

“If you’re a Christian…you’re not supposed to drink.”
As I order a second glass of wine.

“If you’re a Christian…you’re not supposed to talk like that!”
As I cover my mouth after dropping the F-bomb.

“If you’re a Christian…where’s your Bible?”
As my husband and I enjoy a night out dancing with friends.

“If you’re a Christian…you hate gays.”
As I’m sadly reminded of my uncle who died of AIDs.

“If you’re a Christian…you think you’re perfect.”
As my poofy, frizzy hair won’t style and I question where I stand in this world.

“If you’re a Christian…I bet you only watch FOX News.”
As I flip the channel from CNN to BBC to MSNBC.

If you’re a Christian…

I am a Christian…I know I am broken,
but through Christ, I’m still loved unconditionally.

I am a Christian…I fall short every day,
but through Christ, I’m always forgiven.

I am a Christian…I question my worth,
but through Christ, my heart is redeemed.

I am a Christian…I have felt alone,
but Christ adopted me into His family.

I am a Christian…I have felt left out,
but through Christ, I found acceptance and purpose.

(Since I am a Christian…I’ll watch all those news channels,
and remember that Christ leads the way! )

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