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But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18 

All of my boys are going through growth spurts right now.  My oldest son needed new shoes the other day, and we discovered his foot has grown almost two full sizes–and it won’t be long before his father will have to show him how to shave!  My middle son tried on a pair of jeans, and he had to change because they came above his ankles!  Then there’s my youngest–the shape of his whole face is changing from that young, little boy look to a big boy.

Seeing them change so quickly has prompted me to take a mental inventory to see if my husband and I are doing our part to help their bodies grow.

  • Are we giving them a nutritious diet to fill their bodies with the nutrients needed?   Yes…well, we try.  Okay–we’re still working on eliminating some of the extra junk food they (and we) love to eat, but they also eat a good variety of healthy foods.
  • Are they getting enough rest so their minds and bodies can recharge?  Yes…well, we try. Spring is in the air, though, and it’s daylight savings!   We don’t blame them for wanting to stay outside and play longer.   Oh, but then there is homework, and shower nights always push their bedtime a little later…and on the weekends, there are those sleepovers that tend to keep them up later.
  • Do they actively play and exercise so their hearts and muscles stay strong?  Yes.  No doubt about it… well, we try.  But then there is that computer time they all like, and they just got a new Wii game they love….


What if we all applied similar questions to our children’s growth in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ ?

  • Are we giving them a “nutritious diet” of God’s Word?
  • Are they given opportunities to rest in God’s love, grace, and mercy?
  • Are they seeing us actively live out our faith so theirs can be strengthened?
Would we be able to answer yes? Or would we have to respond with…well, we try.  All we can do is try, though, right?  But what if we were more intentional with our attempts?  What if we made more of a conscious effort to help our children grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior?


Help us to boldly do our part by not only helping our children’s bodies grow, but also their understanding of you.




  1. What a great analogy! My daughter will be 2 in May, and she’s seemed to grow by leaps and bounds this past year. She’s finally slowed down, but is still above average in her height. Thanks for the reminder to check and see if I’m helping her grow spiritually too… Thanks for sharing with NOBH!

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    • Thanks, Carrie! I am finding so often that even though I’m writing for an audience, God uses the words to speak directly to my own heart? This analogy was a great reminder for me, too.
      Happy Easter (a few days early!)
      God Bless,

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  2. Lovely…I wonder, as earnest mothers, how many of us could pass the test of questions posed as you did? Thank you.
    Peace and good to you this Resurrection weekend.

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    • Thank you, Chelle. While I know I fall short many times to pass the test of questions, I am so grateful our Resurrected Jesus always gives us opportunities to keep trying. It’s an open-Book test with Him sitting right there to tutor us when we fail. Isn’t He AMAZING!
      Have a beautiful Easter!
      God bless,

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  3. We always want to do our best for our kids, but it’s good to take stock of all areas of their lives sometimes. Great post, Christy!

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    • Thank you, Beth! You are so right! I think our children can be so bombarded with the “secular world,” and it’s ultimately up to us as parents to be sure they grow in the knowledge of our Lord.
      God Bless!

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