Helicopter Parents 5: What Would You Do?

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Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

Scenes one and two are inspired by actual events experienced by the author and her husband!  We own it…

Opening scene:
Mom and Dad waking at 5:00 am. Mom making lunches for the children. Dad popping Eggo waffles (or in our case, the cheaper store brand) into the toaster, both wrangling children out of bed while rushing around to get themselves ready for their day.

Youngest son wanders through the house limping with one sock and shoe on while searching frantically for another clean sock. (He, of course, settles for the dirty one he wore the day before.  Never mind that it doesn’t even match the one he is wearing!)  Middle son calls, “Mom, we’re out of toothpaste and you forgot to sign my assignment book!”  Oldest son asks, “Dad, are you going to pick me up after school, or do I go to after care while mom is in her meeting?”

(Please tell me you can relate to at least some degree!)

Scene 2:
Mom quickly opens oldest son’s assignment book and sees that she is required to sign a test that he failed in math.  In the midst of her rushing, she quickly signs it but bellows, “What in the world?  This is not acceptable!  What happened?”  The son responds, “I don’t know…I forgot to study…the teacher made me take it even though I didn’t understand some of it…”

With the morning quickly escaping them, and job responsibilities looming over her, she drops the subject and rushes everyone out to the car (or bus).

Scene 3:
Mom is finally sitting at her computer in her office.  Decides to pull up the parent portal to see her son’s grades in math.  She sees several low grades in his math class.  Guilt and confusion rush over her becaue she hasn’t had time to look at the parent portal in a while.  She should have known this!  She knows she hasn’t seen her son studying much math at home, but she also hasn’t had time to really look over his homework, because she has been so inundated with her own project at work.   She begins to question, Why didn’t the teacher tell me?  I was never informed.  This isn’t fair to my son.  He said he didn’t understand some of it? Why did she give him the test if he didn’t understand?

Closing scene:
Now, in all seriousness, this closing scene is where the story can go in any direction.  This is when we parents have an extremely important choice to make.  In the midst of our frustration, guilt, and panic will we literally stop, “be still,” and allow God’s presence to bring us clarity?  Will we allow ourselves to “be weak” and stand down so God can do his work in both us and our children?  Will we acknowledge that He is God and is in control?  OR will we blast a quick email to our child’s teacher requesting/demanding that our child be allowed to retake the failed math test, since the teacher obviously did not teach them properly?  Unfortunately, the latter happens all too often.




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