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But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.  Luke 2:19

Last night I had the joy of sitting with my three boys and watching video footage of them from when they were babies.  There were so many incredible blessings I was able to see again, and some for the very first time.

I saw my husband holding his boys in his arms and dancing and playing with them.

I saw the birth of our second son, who took three days and finally a C-section to deliver!  (I had never watched the footage before.)

I saw my two oldest, one was three and the other was about nine months, playing in the bathtub, laughing and giggling with those from-the-gut, belly laughs.

I saw numerous Christmas mornings where my sweet babies’s eyes transformed from sleepy to brilliant and sparkling with excitement.

I was even blessed with footage of my father that I had never seen before.

And while these are incredibly precious blessings I was able to see on the TV, they paled in comparison to watching my boys, who are so much older now, watch themselves.

My oldest, whom I have written about many times because he’s now entering those teenage years, leaned on my shoulder and softly shared, “I wish I could go back to those times again.  They were so free.”  Wow.

My middle one saw his first Christmas when Santa brought him his panda bear, and his face lit up!  He then quickly dashed to his bedroom to find Panda, whom he had dismissed to his pile of stuffed animals a couple of years ago.  When I tucked him in for the night, guess who he was snuggled up with?  Panda.

My youngest sat quietly as we watched footage of my dad, and then he asked, “Did Grandpa love me, too?” (He passed away when my youngest was about 6 months old)  “Oh, yes!” I responded through tears, “He loved you, dearly!”

I saw our family. I was reminded of beautiful memories that have been stored in my heart for years; memories that bond us together forever; memories that bring us closer; memories that strengthen us as we all grow.

Thank you, Lord, for letting me see your work in our lives through these home movies!



    • Thank you, Kelli! I now carry my camera with me wherever I go!
      Love and God Bless,

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