I Have Seen Many Horrible Things…and They Never Happened

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For God has not given us a spirit of fear.  2 Timothy 1:7

Why is it then, God, that we are so prone to going there…to the worst-case scenarios, the terrible conclusions, to hopeless visions of what may or may not happen?  Is it because tragedies inundate us on TV and social media, so our minds just automatically go there? Are we trying to do life in our own strength and have lost sight of what your will is for us? Or maybe we just don’t fully understand or we forget that your will doesn’t include that spirit of fear?  Maybe it’s all three…

All I know for certain, God, is that time and time again, you have shown me during my darkest hours and most challenging times that when I finally STOP and release my clenching fists enough to let you take my hand, I begin to see that most of those horrible worst-case scenarios were all in my head.  More importantly, though, when I had to face real difficulties, you gave me a strength and a peace that I could never muster on my own.

Thank you for being consistent.  Thank you for not expecting me to be.


(Thank you to retired Pastor, Harry Kennon, for giving me the title to this post over 12 years ago when he shared a sermon that has resonated ever since.)





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