If You’re A Christian…

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“If you’re a Christian…you’re not supposed to drink.”
As I order a second glass of wine.

“If you’re a Christian…you’re not supposed to talk like that!”
As I cover my mouth after dropping the F-bomb.

“If you’re a Christian…where’s your Bible?”
As my husband and I enjoy a night out dancing with friends.

“If you’re a Christian…you hate gays.”
As I’m sadly reminded of my uncle who died of AIDs.

“If you’re a Christian…you think you’re perfect.”
As my poofy, frizzy hair won’t style and I question where I stand in this world.

“If you’re a Christian…I bet you only watch FOX News.”
As I flip the channel from CNN to BBC to MSNBC.

If you’re a Christian…

I am a Christian…I know I am broken,
but through Christ, I’m still loved unconditionally.

I am a Christian…I fall short every day,
but through Christ, I’m always forgiven.

I am a Christian…I question my worth,
but through Christ, my heart is redeemed.

I am a Christian…I have felt alone,
but Christ adopted me into His family.

I am a Christian…I have felt left out,
but through Christ, I found acceptance and purpose.

(Since I am a Christian…I’ll watch all those news channels,
and remember that Christ leads the way! )


  1. I enjoy reading your post but totally disagree with this one. Being a Christian has nothing to do with hate, drinking or swearing. I know plenty of so called Christians that feel this way but hate is not God like. Drinkers, swearer, gay, lesbian does. Not equate to being Christian any more than non drinking, non swearing or being heterosexuals does. Love your blog

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    • I’m not sure I understand your disagreement with the post. I totally agree that being a Christian has nothing to do with hate…in fact, that was why I wrote it. The first round of “If you’re a Christian” statements are judgements made toward Christians all the time. In fact, some of the those quotes are exact words said directly to me. The “I am a Christian” statements address how no matter what the world thinks I need to be as a Christian, those truths are the only things that need to matter to me.

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