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Now I am doing a new thing, do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

This morning, I along with the other moms at the bus stop were cheering and whistling as our children stepped onto the bus.  After it drove away, we all looked at each other with perplexed looks in our eyes and laughed!  Why were we cheering?  Isn’t that something we should have saved for the first day of school? Now our kids were going to be home ALL DAY–EVERY DAY.  Doesn’t that now increase the mom demands exponentially?  Won’t we now need more food on hand, and won’t the house be even dirtier?  Won’t the noise factor now triple?  Won’t the sibling squabbles increase, too?

Ugh!  I could get really depressed if I think of how my quiet lunch times out on the screened in porch will be no more….

But then….I think of all the quality time just waiting there for me to embrace with my boys. (Isn’t that what I was missing so much while they were in school?)  I think of the lazy mornings when we will enjoy cartoons together and the beautiful days that await us at the beach.  I think of the opportunities to talk, laugh, and wonder with them.  Yes, of course, I will be refereeing them to some degree, too, but even those can be learning moments where God can reveal Himself to all of us.  There will be the sunrise walks on the shore with my middle son; surf club with my oldest; and indoor soccer with my youngest.  There will be bike rides and skateboarding, popsicles and excursions to the market!  And who knows what else…….the possibilities are endless!

Yeah!  Whooo! Hoooo!  Now I know why I was really cheering this morning!

What will you do this summer with your children?

Dear Lord,
Thank you for more time with my children.  Let us make memories that will last a lifetime with you in the center of them all.


  1. Fabulous post Christy! You’re right, of course. I’ll have to admit that so far our summer has been more screen time than I wanted, but we are all trying to recover from the crazy last days of the school year. Still, there’s something cool in just watching my kids enjoy being with each other (even if that’s in front of a Wii screen or a re-run of Leave It To Beaver). I’m calling this week our “Begun is Half Done” week and trying to get organized for days to come. I used to have a “theme of the week” and all our activities for that week revolved around that theme. I think this summer I’m letting them choose the theme for each week and then think up the related activities. And I’m refereeing too. But I love them and love my life at home with them. And I’m SO GRATEFUL for the opportunity to not miss a thing in these precious growing up years! Thanks for a sweet redirection of thought this morning . . . Smiles –

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed this Amy! I love your theme idea! I think in some ways this is my own little pep talk! It’s so easy to focus on all the craziness that comes with them being home that it clouds all the incredible blessings! I don’t want to miss even one of those blessing this summer. When I think of those who struggle to just have a child or have lost a child, I’m much quicker to embrace all that comes with my three wonderfully, energetic boys! Have a beautiful day!
      Love and God bless!

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  2. Oh Christy, I remember those days!! CHERISH THEM. My kids are in college now, and I’m in hog-heaven when they’re home. But they’re nearing the end, which is a mixed bag — happy they’ve grown up and are doing well, but sad that they may move away and I’ll see them even less.

    Here’s what I’m doing with mine when they’re not working or taking summer classes: having long breakfasts, watching movies late into the night, going for “joy walks” and cooking new dishes.

    Enjoy your summer days!!
    Love, Susan

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    • Thank you, Susan! I am certainly going to try to cherish each moment! When I see how quickly the time flies by, I’m even wanting to revel in the moments when they are crazy with each other! LOL!

      I pray your long breakfasts are yummy, your movies are all wonderful, and your walks are filled with God’s beauty!
      Happy Summer!
      Love and God Bless!

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  3. I know exactly where you are coming from with this post! I had one in school this last year, and my youngest will be starting Kindergarten in the fall… wow, how the time flies! I do try to take as much time with them as I can throughout the Summer and try to nurture our one on one relationships as much as our family as a whole. Today, my oldest and I planted flowers out in the garden and spent the afternoon watching movies with my mom. It was a GREAT day! In a week I’ll be sending her to Grandma’s house across country and get my little one back from her time there. I can’t wait to dig in the dirt with her too! As much as I’m happy to have school start in the Fall, I think I’m more excited when it ends in the summer!


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    • It sounds like it was a wonderful day! What a blessing that they both get to share special time with their Grandma, too! I remember doing the same thing when I was younger, and I loved it. I have so many memories of my time with grandparents!
      Have a beautiful day!
      Love and God Bless,

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  4. having the kids home all day every day is why I decided to homeschool, not to shelter them but to encourage family time and I wanted to be the one to see a light bulb moment happen:) Enjoy your summer time with your boys it will go so fast. Smiles from your NOBH friend:)

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