It’s All in the Details

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Monday's Mom!

Kim R. is today’s Monday’s Mom! She bakes some of the most delicious treats I have ever tasted, right in her very own kitchen! Seaside Sweets Bakery is her way to share her love of baking with others.  I have heard many wonderful stories of the mouth-watering cookies she ships everywhere in the United States. One of Kim’s greatest inspirations is the beauty she sees around her every day. This is why today’s blog entry fits so beautifully! Enjoy; be inspired; and have a SWEET day! God bless, Christy
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full.  Psalm 139:14

This is our first year living in the home we are in now, and there are many trees and shrubs on the property, some of which desperately need trimming.  It’s a stunningly beautiful day today, and with it being the first day of daylight savings, I decided to tackle some much-needed yard work.  As I surveyed our backyard and looked at all the branches my boys have turned into swords or light sabers throughout the fall and winter seasons, all I saw was an overwhelming mess in the midst of bare trees and brown grass.

After about an hour of working, I stopped to see if I had made even a dent in the mess, and a glimmer of bright color nestled behind a sea of brown branches caught me eye.   Investigating further, I discovered the most beautiful flowering tree/bush.  Each pink petal so delicately placed exactly where it’s supposed to be was framed perfectly by strong, shimmering, green leaves.  I could do nothing but stand in complete awe of it’s beauty.  The first words that came to my mind were–you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

As our seasons begin to change, we are easily reminded to look closer at the beautiful details around us; from trees budding and flowers blooming, to birds chirping melodic music in the morning.  What if we all looked closer at the beautiful details in the people we encounter each day, too?  What if, instead of rushing through our days caught up in the stresses of our own lives, trying to bypass any unnecessary hassles, we noticed others.  Are they smiling or do their eyes tell you they could they use a hand or maybe just a simple kind word?

That amazing pink flower stopped me in my tracks, and I noticed it because of it’s stunning details.  When we really think about how fearfully and wonderfully He made each of us, it’s imperative that we notice the details in each other.

To God be the glory!

By Christy M.


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