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One of the most incredible blessings gained from doing the Cross Moms blog is the people God has placed in my path along the way. People like Arabah Joy. It warms my heart to be able to feature Arabah today as Monday’s Mom. She is a mom, author of Energy Explosion, blogger at Arabah Joy, and a beautiful follower of Christ. Her family is heavily involved in missions to East Asia, and today she’s sharing a glimpse of her life with us. I pray you will leave a word of encouragement or prayer for her in the comments section as she and her family embarks on the work God has placed before them!
Love and God Bless, Christy[/learn_more]

1)  Please share a bit about yourself–ie. husband, children, hobbies, etc..
I’ve been married to Jackson for 18 years {which make me sound really old but I married him a week after I turned 20 :) } We have four children, one through adoption and three biologically. For the first 8 years of marriage, we struggled with infertility. Right as we were appointed as missionaries, we got pregnant and our “miracle baby” was born in Hong Kong, 5 months after we arrived on the field. All of our children were born overseas, each in a different country!

2)  What kind of mission work do you do in East Asia, and what inspired you to this in the first place?
Jackson and I do church planting and training. Actually, it was while we planted a church here in America that God called us to overseas pioneer work. Our approach both here and overseas is the same: We go into an area, share the gospel, start small churches, and train them to go out and do the same. God really does the work :) Yes, He’s amazing!

3)  Describe some of the blessings and the challenges you’ve faced raising your family on the mission field.
Blessings and challenges…hmmm. These are really hard to put into words. Isolation, lonliness, the absence of a support system, the intense spiritual warfare….these are probably the most difficult challenges. The blessings are many, such as opportunities to have great faith, learning various cultures and languages, seeing God move in unique ways, and being the outsider. Although this is hard sometimes, it also allows us to be different, not fit in, and get by with things others can’t.

 4)  How can we pray for you and your family specifically as you continue your work in Asia?
Please pray for us!! Our family will return overseas July 23rd, in just a few weeks. Prayers for smooth travels, rested children, and quick transitions would be so appreciated! Beyond that, of course, some of the immediate needs will be to find a place to live, get the children in school, and find local partners to begin working with. We are going back to a brand new city, so we will be setting up a home and a ministry base from scratch. Truly, we covet your prayers!


5)  Please share with our readers how God is working in your life right now.
As a family, we are preparing to transition from the states to Asia and from a convenient lifestyle to one much less stable. Although we have served as missionaries for ten years, the transitions don’t get any smoother {you just learn to expect the unexpected!} The Lord is daily reminding me to “be rooted and grounded in love, so that I will be filled up to the fullness of God.” {See Ephesians 3:17f} It is through a constant awareness of His love that we are able to overflow with all His fullness and from that, pour into the lives of others.

Honestly, some of the most difficult times in my life are those that require faithfulness in the mundane. There is some measure of excitement during the times when “big things” are happening. But no one can live there all the time, right? The last two years have been a very long stretch of mundane and the Lord has been teaching me how to be satisfied in Him, right where I’m at. I do believe this is the great “secret” of the Christian life…to be satisfied in Christ and always aware of His love. In this way, no matter where we are, no matter what is happening, we are FULL. This is a lesson I want to live well.



  1. Hi! Just found your blog because I read everything that Arabah Joy does. :) Looking forward to camping out here for a while and reading your story! Great interview this morning, by the way. It’s so cool to hear how God’s moving all over the planet and how we can pray for those who are out there, doing the tough stuff, and giving up all that we take for granted, to see God’s kingdom go forth. WOW! Thanks again for the interview!

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    • Melanie,
      Thank you! I am so glad joined us today, and pray you find encouragement during your stay! 😉 I am always amazed by Arabah’s writing, and it’s an honor to feature her and the work God is doing through her. Hope to see you more!
      Love and God Bless,

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      • Christy, you are a blessing to facilitate us meeting new people. Thank you!

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        • Thank you, Arabah! Hope you’re having a beautiful day!
          Love and God Bless!

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  2. Prayers for your transition and safety during this crossroad in your ministry……Keep that focus, spread the Good News and know that you really do have a support group…Keep us updated on the wonderful things God is doing through your service. I can totally relate to the “mundane”……. but just live in his presence each moment….I just got finished sweeping the floor singing loudly…..Amazing Grace!!!!! hahaha…………God is so good and has our plans laid out perfectly!! Blessings…..Crystal White

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    • Thank you so much, Crystal!! Such a blessing to meet you and sing along with you this morning :) Praise You, Jesus!

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