Pig Pen for Christ

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The other day, someone reminded me of the Peanut’s character, Pig Pen.  Remember him?  He was the one that no matter where he went, his mess always went with him.  I loved how Schultz created the cloud of dirt surrounding this lovable character!

There is no doubt, I can be a Pig Pen!  Not just with a messy house, but also with a messy heart!   I know I am guilty of carrying around my messes wherever I go sometimes.  If I were an illustrated character like Pig Pen, I’m pretty certain I would also have a cloud of dirt following me for all to see.

But do you know what?  I want to rejoice in those messes, because those are what have brought me to the end of myself so I can experience the grace, mercy, and love of my beautifully pure Savior! You see, while I may envision a cloud of dirt and dust, my loving Jesus sees me as his beloved daughter, whom He poured out His love for on the Cross.  I am washed clean because of Christ!  How cool is that?

Our messes will come and go, and some will be small while others are HUGE!  No matter what, though, Christ’s love remains!  He can use our “Pig Pen” messes to bring glory to Him!

Thank you, Jesus, for my messes!





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