The Inn Proprietor’s Heart

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Today’s Monday’s Mom is Carolyn Polson–dear friend, former colleague, and proprietor of The Inn at 400 West High in Charlottesville, Virginia. “Decolores” is the word that comes to mind when I think of Carolyn. Her heart, her style, and her love for life  always reflects the beautiful colors of God’s creation. Enjoy her piece below as she shares her heart, and then be sure to join us on the Cross Moms Facebook page to learn more about Carolyn and her incredible journey with The Inn at 400 West High!
Love and God Bless, Christy[/learn_more]

God is teaching me that He will take care of me.

The major lesson that I’ve learned in the past year

(I’m a slow learner I guess) is

that He is in the details.

He will lead me,

direct me,

guide me,

if I will just listen,


and obey.

Down to the smallest detail,

He is there.

My insignificant events

are a big deal to Him,

and I only need to recognize Him.

I have finally learned what it is to lean on Him

and bring my concerns,


and praises

to the foot of His cross daily.

His love for me is immense,

and I only want to mirror that

love and true joy

for others to see and desire.

In everything I do and say,

my greatest prayer

is that others see Jesus in me.

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  1. An answered prayer, for sure!! :)

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