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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Five Minute Friday

I am so incredibly thankful for today’s Five Minute Friday topic–Together. Thank you, Gypsy Mama.

Time is a tricky thing, you know…

It has been six long years.  At first, she was so heartbroken and shattered.  She longed so desperately to leave and be with her husband.  She longed for the incredible aching to stop.  She knew then that there would never, ever be anyone who could fill that part of her heart again.

I watched her struggle.  I listened to her cries as she sobbed and mourned her loss.  As she mourned how they would never be together on this earth again.

Time takes time, you know…

Over the next couple of years, the crying waned, but the sadness remained.  Anniversaries, birthdays, changing of seasons, visits with grandchildren.  These are what brought the tears; the missing; the longing.

Time is a powerful thing, though, you know…

Then a long-time friendship grew with a dear friend who experienced the same kind of loss, the same heartache, and the same longing to be together with his wife.

Time is a healing thing, you know…

Now, the two encourage each other.  They come from a place of such deep understanding of one another. They lift each other up.  They help each other.  They respect each other and the families from which they both come. They take away each other’s sadness.  They love each other; something neither one of them ever thought they would do again.

Now, they are going to be wed.  To LIVE their lives together here on this earth.

Time is a beautiful thing.  Time is a God thing.


I love you, Mom.




  1. What a beautiful tribute to both the previous life and that which is yet to come! Like the song says, ” sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning! ” I am so excited for the blessing that you must feel knowing that your mom will not be alone in the sunset years of her life and that you and your family get to add another member to your gathering. Not a replacement, but instead an addition!

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    • Thank you, Heather. You are so right on every single point!
      God is so good!
      Love you!

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    • Thanks, Julie Anne! We are really excited for her. What a huge blessing! I will definitely stop by again. I love the pictures! Hope we can “Cross Moms” again, soon! 😉
      God Bless,

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  2. Just beautiful! How wonderful that your Mom will not be alone. And how wonderful that you are so supportive. Not all children are as you. My 87 year old Dad, too has a companion, friend. As the last remaining member of his generation, it would be so easy for him to spend his days wishing he could join his beloved wife and his family and friends. But she keeps him happy. I love her forever for her friendship and kindness to him. They have decided not to marry. Each likes their own tiny apartment. But each give the other the love and companionship they most need. It is the greatest of blessings. Thank you for sharing on NOBH!

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    • Thank you, Diane. We came back Monday from the wedding. It was so incredibly joyful! They had sent an open invitation to their church, and at least 200 people showed up! After watching my mom swimming in the depths of despair for so long, I can only rejoice to see her happy again. I strongly believe that happiness, just like your Dad shares with his companion, is what God wants us all to enjoy, and it’s what brought her “back to life” so to speak.
      Have a beautiful day!
      God Bless,

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