What Do I Say to A Mom?

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What do I say to a mom who held her baby close in her arms,
praying her son would know he was fearfully and wonderfully made?

To a mom who watched her toddler sleeping peacefully,
after a day at the beach, he played.

What do I say to a mom whose heart smiled with joy
watching her little boy ride his bike for the very first time?

To a mom who worried night after night,
wondering what her young man was doing now that he could drive?

What do I say to a mom whose deepest desire
was that he would know God had a purpose for his life?

Who from the moment her son was born,
hoped to protect him from any strife?

What do I say to a mom whose heart fluttered with pride and fear
when the man who stood before her declared his choice was clear?

What do I say to a mom whose son answered the call….
and now must endure the heartbreak after he gave his all?

Thank you will never be enough,
But I hope that you will know,
Because of your son’s sacrifice,
I’m blessed with the freedom to…

Hold my baby close in my arms so I can also pray
he, too, will know that he is fearfully and wonderfully made….

By Christy Mactavish










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