Would You Care for a Frying Pan?

Posted By on Sep 24, 2015 | 0 comments


My closest friends know how hesitant I am about going back to work.  Some of them know, all too well, what I was like working fifty-sixty hours/week with an all or nothing perspective. (My husband and children especially know.)

I’ve learned so much, though, during the last four years since I’ve been at home for my family.  In fact, my dear friend, Heather, coined a wonderful phrase years ago that would describe me as having some serious “frying pan moments”–those moments that take you so long to hear what God is trying to tell you, that when you finally do hear, it’s like a big ole frying pan whacking you upside the head!

Have you ever had one–or twenty of those?

Here’s the one that hit me upside the head the hardest, and as I slowly take steps back into that “working” space again, I don’t ever want to forget it!






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